26 Temmuz 2018

We Burn and Burn

We Burn and Burn

When a forest takes fire
-Chorus of cicadas that give birth to the sun
-windy dream of the cloud, story of the unceasing rain
-animality what enwraps us; blind journey of the worm, the bird
-nooks of the mountains, its dark shadows, silence of the underground lakes
-vagabondism of the rivers which leave behind every hill a tearful lover
-neverending song of the nymphs that dwells at creeks, streams
p e r i s h e s.

We burn when a forest burns, left a little futureless
ashes in our eyes, flaming stones, we are fiery rocks.
When a forest takes fire
stench of flesh and fume are in our throats.

Şerif Erginbay

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